All types of NGO’S like Charitable Trusts, Societies, Section 8 Company (Non Government Organization’s) that receive foreign contribution or donation from foreign sources are required to obtain registration under Section 6(1) of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010. As per Section 1(2) of FCRA 2010, THE PROVISION of the act shall apply to whole in India, Citizens of India outside India and Associate Branches or subsidiaries, outside India, of companies or bodies corporate, registered or incorporated in India Such a registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 is called a FCRA registration.

Eligibility Criteria for Grant of Registration:

• Any Association/NGO wishing to receive foreign contribution (FC) must have a definite cultural, economic, educational, religious or social programme.

• Existence of at least three years.

• At least Rs.10, 00,000/- over a period of three years, in its field of activity excluding expenditure on administration.

Once FCRA registration is granted, it is valid for a period of 5 years. An application for renewal of FCRA registration can be made 6 months prior to the date of expiry, to keep the registration valid.


1.Registration Certificate of Association is not more than 1 MB in PDF format.

2.Memorandum of Association/Trust Deed is not more than 5 MB in PDF format.

3.Activity Report for the Last 3 Years is not more than 3 MB in PDf format.

4.Audited Statement of accounts for the last three years is not more than 5 MB in PDF format.

​5. Scanned images of Chief Functionary signature is not more than 50 KB in JPG format.

6. Scanned image of Seal of Association is not more than 100 KB. in JPG format.

Whether the certificate of registration is to be renewed?

As per Section 16 of FCRA, 2010 every person who has been granted a certificate of registration under Section 12 thereof shall have such certificate renewed within six months before the expiry of the period of the certificate.

What is the process for renewal of registration?

Association which desire to renew their registration certificate may apply online in Form FC-3 six months before the expiry of their existing registration.

When should an Association which has been granted registration under FCRA 1976 apply for renewal of registration?

Since registration granted to Associations under the repealed FCRA, 1976 shall be valid up to 30th April, 2016, such Associations should have applied for renewal of their registration six months before the date of expiry of the validity, that is, on or before 31st October, 2015. Renewed certificate will be valid for a period of five years with effect from 01-05- 2016.

What are the documents to be uploaded for renewal of registration?

Signature of Chief Functionary, seal of the association, registration certificate of the association Memorandum of Association/ Trust Deed, Self certified copy of registration are to be uploaded for renewal of registration.

What happens if the association does not apply online for renewal of FCRA registration?

Ans. The existing registration under FCRA, 2010, will cease from the date of completion of the period of five years from the date of grant of registration. In such a case, the association has to apply afresh for grant of registration.