The NSDC takes initiatives that can potentially have a developing effect, rather than being an actual operator in this field. Through this approach, the organization attempts to involve the industry in every aspect of skill development. The approach aims to develop partnerships with multiple stakeholders and build on current efforts instead of undertaking various initiatives directly or duplicating the efforts. To expand the necessary efforts to achieve the objective of skilling/up-skilling 150 million people, the NSDC strives to

.Develop low-cost innovative business models

.Attract significant private investment

.Ensure funds are re-circulating

.Create leverage for itself

.Build a strong corpus

Key Points about NSDC Funding

Funding: NSDC will provide funding assistance for creation of skills infrastructure and / or working capital requirement for skill development activity for the first 3 years only. Funding would be up to a maximum of 75% (In case of Company)/ 85% (In case of NGO) of the investment requirement.

.Legal entity including to Company/ Society / Trust as per the process and applicable laws and guidelines.

.What Gets Funded

.Training Infrastructure (excluding the acquisition / creation of immovable's)

.Working Capital

.Interest Rate :- 6% p.a.

.Moratorium Period :- Up to 3 years

.Repayment Period :- 7 years (including moratorium period)

.Promoters Contribution

. Minimum 15% of the investment requirement ( not-for-profit entities )

Scope of Services: -

1. Due Diligence (Legal & Financial) : - Our team of legal and finance expert will carry out due diligence to check whether your organization satisfies the pre requisites prescribed by NSDC in detail and will also collect documents to be attached along with the proposal set. A team of 2 or 3 experts may be required to visit the project area and your offices for 2 to 3 days.

2. Management Discussion regarding due diligence outcome and corrective actions to be suggested to be carried out.

3. Discussion and finalization of Job roles and centers.

4.Drafting of detailed project proposal to be submitted to NSDC and its submission.

5.Follow up and liaison with NSDC & submission of reply to deficiencies.